Echosens is a French high technology company launched in 2001 and heavily involved in the healthcare sector


Our VCTE technology, which is the core technology in our range of FibroScan devices, enables our FibroScan devices to generate precise quantitative measurements of key liver parameters, including stiffness and, in certain models, ultrasound attenuation (which we refer to as CAP). These two parameters highly correlate to liver fibrosis and liver steatosis, respectively, which are key markers of the progression of chronic liver diseases.

Our research and development department has a proven track record of 14 years of research and innovation in the field of chronic liver disease assessment and monitoring.

Our research and development teams developed the FibroScan device and all of its algorithms and software. Our teams have extended their expertise to blood biomarker analysis and biostatistics in developing and improving our FibroMeter blood test analysing tools.



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Joining Echosens means contributing to and sharing the ambitions of a French high-technology company experiencing strong international development, and aiming to become the World leader in non-invasive diagnosis in hepatology.

Joining Echosens means joining a company committed to improving the quality of the patients’ lives, knowing that the liver is a vital human organ, one of the most significant in the body, and that liver disease constitutes a major public health problem all around the world.

Joining Echosens means joining a company with a scientific and clinical approach to excellent, long-term collaborations with the best experts in hepatology worldwide.

Above all joining Echosens especially means making the choice of a dynamic, enriching and developing professional career.

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